Electrical Earthing

Definition: Electrical earthing is the process of directly discharging electrical energy to the earth using low-resistance wire. This is done by connecting the equipment’s non-current-carrying part … Read more


Phase Sequence

Definition: The phase sequence in a three-phase system shows the order of voltages attaining their peak or maximum value. The three phases in the 3-phase … Read more


Coefficient Of Coupling

Definition: The coefficient of coupling, denoted by (k), represents the proportion of magnetic flux generated by the current in one coil that interlinks with the … Read more


Skin Effect

Definition: The skin effect is a phenomenon in which alternating current (AC) does not uniformly distribute over the surface of the conductor, and it is … Read more


Inrush Current

Inrush current is the peak or maximum current that an electrical circuit draws when turned on. It can last for 3 to 10 cycles of … Read more


Series Magnetic Circuit

Definition: The Series Magnetic Circuit consists of various parts made of different magnetic materials and with varying sizes that carry the same magnetic field. Before understanding … Read more



Definition –The unit kilowatt-hour (kWh) is a measure of energy that represents the amount of power (1 kW) consumed over one hour (1 h). Although … Read more