Vacuum Circuit Breaker

A vacuum circuit breaker is a kind of breaker that utilizes a vacuum as an arc extinction medium. The fixed and moving contact is enclosed … Read more


Circuit Breaker Ratings

The ratings of a circuit breaker are determined based on the duties it is designed to perform. For a comprehensive understanding of the specifications, standard … Read more


Testing of Circuit Breaker

Circuit breaker testing is more challenging compared to other electrical equipment, such as transformers or machines, due to the high short circuit current. Circuit breaker … Read more


Bulk Oil Circuit Breaker

Definition: A circuit breaker that uses a large amount of oil for arc extinction and insulation purposes is known as a Bulk Oil Circuit Breaker. … Read more


Types of Circuit Breaker

There are multiple ways of classification of circuit breakers. Circuit breakers can be classified into different types based on the medium used for arc extinction. Different media, … Read more


Air Break Circuit Breaker

The air break circuit breaker is designed to initiate and extinguish arcs in relatively still air. They are typically used for low voltages, usually up … Read more